News and Updates

    Here you can view the news of Stream Booster, as well as changes in the system operation and user interface.

    Early Redemption of Positions. Update 1.21 dated 18.01.2018

    Please not that now the early redemption of positions is only available with "VIP-Club" upgrade.

    Choosing a Website Design. Update 1.20 dated 03.01.2018

    We have added the ability to choose a website design in the settings tab. Now, if you want, you can go back to the old version of the site design (light theme).

    Auction Prolongation. Update 1.19 dated 11.11.2017

    In order for users to not be able to make winning bids a second before the auction ends, we added a new feature — if the bet is made less than 60 seconds before the auction ends, it is automatically prolongated by 60 seconds.

    "Week of Auctions". Update 1.18 dated 21.10.2017

    When "Week of Auctions" mode is activated, the place in the reservation table can be occupied only by the results of the auction. The function of early redemption of places is temporarily turned off. The mode is turned on and off automatically, every Monday at 00:00:00 by server time (Europe/Moscow).

    When the "Week of Auctions" mode is activated, the "Assiduity" upgrade is automatically extended for 7 days.

    We added "Slot of Fortune". Update 1.17 dated 08.10.2017

    Try your luck in our "Slot of Fortune" using free spins and if you're lucky enough, you can win up to 18,000 on each line! Moreover, you will receive 50 experience points for each spin.

    Separation of the site into 2 language versions. Update 1.16 dated 07.10.2017

    Now the site is divided into 2 language versions. Russian-speaking and English-speaking users have their own separate rating, a separate reservation table, statistics, etc.

    Full Users Rating. Update 1.15 dated 15.09.2017

    A section was added, which provides a rating of all users of the Stream Booster system.

    New Account Upgrade. Update 1.14 dated 14.09.2017

    Every user of the Stream Booster system can join the VIP-Club. In order to do this, you need to activate the corresponding upgrade in the control panel.

    Membership in the VIP-Club gives a certain status, a special icon and a number of undeniable advantages of using the Stream Booster system. Read more about VIP-Club here.

    Promotion of the YouTube Video. Update 1.13 dated 27.08.2017

    If you have a channel on YouTube and you want one of your videos to get more views, just add it to the main page. Interested Stream Booster users will be able to watch your promo video right here or on YouTube website. This will increase the number of video views and, possibly, your channel will have new subscribers.

    New Account Upgrade. Update 1.12 dated 13.07.2017

    We introducing a new account upgrade — "Proficiency". This account upgrade will allow you to get 25% more experience points for each active action on the site.

    Broadcast Raising. Update 1.11 dated 19.05.2017

    We added the possibility of buying gold. Buying gold in the Stream Booster system, you gain additional experience points and increase your level faster, and also help in the development and maintenance of the project.

    Broadcast Raising. Update 1.10 dated 12.05.2017

    We are pleased to introduce a new feature — "Broadcast Raising". Now every member of the Stream Booster system can raise its broadcast to the first place in the list of currently active broadcasts at the top of all pages of the site and attract even more new viewers. The cost of the service is fixed and amounts to 1,000. Moreover, for each raise of the broadcast, you will receive an additional 3,000 experience points. Also this service is automatically and completely free of charge applied to the winner of the current auction at the beginning of each hour.

    Affiliate Program. Update 1.09 dated 08.05.2017

    Invite your friends to Stream Booster, using your own referral link and get 5% of their received gold.

    Channels Following. Update 1.08 dated 05.05.2017

    Now you can follow the channels you like directly on the Stream Booster website. Users receive a certain amount of gold on their account for each following. The same amount of gold is debited from the account of the owner of the channel, on which the following is made. Users can change the cost of following their channels in the settings section at any time. If someone, after some time, abolishes the following, the established amount of gold will return to the account of the channel owner, and the user who canceled the following will lose the gold received earlier with an additional commission of 50%.

    [] in the Broadcast Name. Update 1.07 dated 27.04.2017

    We added another opportunity to raise the level and earnings of gold. Now you can get additional experience points and earn gold directly during your own broadcast. All you have to do is just add [] tag to the broadcast name. If your broadcast is watched by at least 10 viewers, experience points and gold will automatically be credited to your account. Gold earning rate in this case depends on your level.

    This feature is no longer available.

    New Account Upgrade. Update 1.06 dated 25.04.2017

    We introducing a new account upgrade — "Assiduity". With this upgrade, you can pre-occupy one additional hour in each of the days shown in the position booking table.

    Restriction on Participation in the Auction. Update 1.05 dated 24.04.2017

    In order for new Stream Booster system users to have a better chance of occupying a position in "Promotion" section, we introduce a restriction on participation in the auction. Now you can buy out up to 1 positions in advance in each of the days shown in the booking table. However these restrictions do not apply, if the position is vacated or was not bought out before the auction end.

    New Account Upgrade. Update 1.04 dated 23.04.2017

    We introduce a new account upgrade — "Foresight". With this upgrade, you will be able to view and occupy positions for one additional day in advance in the position booking table.

    Account Upgrades. Update 1.03 dated 22.04.2017

    A new section "Upgrades" has been added to the website, where you can activate various features to receive additional benefits in Stream Booster system.

    Option to Cancel Booking. Update 1.02 dated 20.04.2017

    Now you can cancel the bid in the auction. You can cancel your current bid only if at the time of cancellation the bid is winning and there are at least 12 hours left before the auction ends. When canceling a booking, the user will receive a bid refund to his account, minus a 10% fee.

    Sanctions for Reservation Cancellation. Update 1.01 dated 19.04.2017

    If a user did not start the broadcast within 10 minutes after the start of the planned promotion, in addition to automatic booking cancellation, he cannot book positions in the system for 24 hours for each such case. Sanctions are annulled upon their validity period expiration or in case of the broadcast as part of the next booking.